VinaCert audited VietGAP for guava at Dong Du Cooperative (08/11/2016)

VietGAP cultivation certification is one of Vinacert’s strong services of. The Agricultural Service Cooperatives as well as cultivation facilities throughout the country have trusted VinaCert as a choice for VietGAP certification for their products. Dong Du Agricultural Services Cooperative is one of the country's largest guava growing facilities in accordance with VietGAP procedure. Dong Du wishes to bring to the market their delicious guavas which are grown and cared under VietGAP standard, under the legal certification from prestigious certification organization as VinaCert. On 27th October, an audit team of Vinacert came to assess the facility.

The audit team included Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai - leader and auditor Nguyen Van Chung. Representatives of Dong Du guava VietGAP Project Management Department, Mr Nguyen Quang Huy - Director, Mrs. Hoang Thi Nhinh - Deputy Director of the Cooperative have welcomed and worked with the audit team.

The meeting was opened with the participation of the technical staffs of Dong Du guava VietGAP project and representatives of household members.

After introducing the audit team, progress, time and the scope of evaluation to the Management Department and resident members, the auditors of VinaCert started to check the documents and records, then went to the garden to access the growing area, which helps to audit the compliance with the VietGAP requirements in the guavas production, assess the ability to meet the legal requirements and other requirements, audit the provision maintenance of the facility and review opportunities for improvement.

Auditor was checking records kept at Management Department

In the garden, the auditors assessed the implementation of VietGAP requirements by household members including the follows: production area, seeds, soil, fertilizers and amendments, irrigation, chemical substances and plant protection drug usage, harvesting and handling post-harvest, waste management, training records, documenting and keeping records, implementation of VietGAP requirements in the garden and other relevant areas. While assessing the records at the VietGAP Management Department, the auditors examined the guidelines and regulations related to VietGAP, internal quality management system, agricultural material suppliers records, sample analysis results records, training records, internal assessment records, resolved complaints, other relevant documents and records keeping at the facility.

Auditor carried out assessment at the garden

Tracking book of a guavas growing householder

Sampling was the last step before making a final assessment report. As the observations in the garden, Dong Du has guaranteed land, water and climate conditions, without factories around the garden, good sanitation, spacious and airy. The farmers also built tanks for plant protection drug and waste collection, which are highly appreciated by the auditors.

Mr. Bui Van Xoen, a typical household member of the project, said "The whole cultivation area has been converted to grow guavas trees. The living standard has been improved a lot since having the guava trees, and especially since applying VietGAP procedure for cultivation". It is said that all guavas are purchased and the output is ensured.

Householder Bui Van Xoen

Mrs. Hoang Thi Nhinh, Deputy Director of the Cooperative, Deputy Director of Dong Du VietGAP guava project, stated that Dong Du applied VietGAP for guava is to raise farmers’ awareness about safety, processes, soil and water samples. The seed origin and the use of plant protection products are always focused on rational usage under the permitted list.

Mrs. Hoang Thi NhinhDeputy Director of the cooperative

Finishing the assessment, the audit team of VinaCert worked with the Management Department to give conclusions and comments for improvement. The leader of the audit team, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai, thanked the cooperative for using the certification services of VinaCert, and for welcoming and creating favorable conditions to help the audit team complete the task.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy, representative of the cooperative leaders, also agreed with the conclusions of the auditors and will carry out corrective actions to improve the VietGAP application in Dong Du. He thanked the audit team as well as VinaCert for the fairness and enthuasiasm.

Mr. Nguyen Quang HuyDirector of the Cooperative

VietGAP is a voluntary standard to guide manufacturers in improving quality, ensuring food safety on the basis of HACCP. Mr. Huy said, "Thanks to VietGAP, the co-operative can control the guava cultivation of residents better and farmers' income is increased significantly. VietGAP guavas also contribute a large part in the total annual turnover of the cooperative.”

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