VinaCert implemented surveillance assessments under VietGAP standard at 75 livestock farms (02/11/2017)

 From 18th to 26th September, 2017, an audit team of VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company (VinaCert) implemented surveillance assessments at 75 pig farms of C.P Vietnam Corporation - pig breeding stock business branch (hereinafter referred to as the Company). The auditors randomly selected and implemented surveillance assessments at 09 livestock farms to determine the livestock process that is being applied and maintained by the company in accordance with the requirement of VietGAP good livestock practice.

According to the surveillance assessment plan after one year of valid certificate, dated 18th September, 2017, the VinaCert's audit team headed by Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh and the auditor, Trinh Xuan Thanh, arriving C.P Vietnam Corporation - pig breeding stock business branch (Bien Hoa 2 Industrial Zone, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province) to conduct the surveillance assessments at 09/75 livestock farms of the Company randomly selected by the auditors.

Livestock farms have been selected in this surveillance assessments including:

- Loc Tan 1 farm, Loc Tan Commune, Loc Ninh District, Binh Phuoc Province.

- Phu Giao 10 farm, An Thai Commune, Phu Giao District, Binh Duong Province.

- Tan Phu 3 farm, Phu An Commune, Dong Nai Province.

- Quang Tri farm, Hamlet 6, Quang Tri Commune, Da Te District, Lam Dong Province.

- Xuan Thanh 6 farm, Tan Hop Hamlet, Xuan Thanh Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

- Suoi Cao 5 farm, Cha Rang Hamlet, Suoi Cao Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province;

- Xuan Hung 4 farm, Hamlet 4, Xuan Hung Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province;

- Xuan Hung 3 farm, Hamlet 1, Xuan Hung Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province;

- Xuan Tam 3 farm, Hamlet 1, Xuan Tam Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

Welcoming and working with the audit team, C.P. Vietnam Corporation - the pig breeding stock business branch had Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nhat, GM Manager and representatives of relevant departments and individuals: Manager of Farm, Technical Manager and workers of farms, etc.

Auditor Nguyen Van Thanh (between) implementing sensory assessment of the material warehouse

At the surveillance assessments, after implementing sensory assessment of whole livestock area, auditor Nguyen Van Thanh, and auditor Trinh Xuan Thanh retrieved documents, interviewed related department’s heads and individuals to seek evidence of conformity in maintaining and adhering to the requirements of the Company's VietGAP standard in accordance with the requirements of the good agricultural practice for pig production according to VietGAP standard; Ensuring that the process of good agricultural practice for pig production is being applied and maintained well by the Company.

The audit team noticed the conformity of maintaining pig production process under the requirements of VietGAP process for pig production at 09 farms of the company.

Auditor Nguyen Van Thanh gave comment that the farms have applied the method of industrial production, using completed compound feed for pig production supplied by the Group's animal feed production plants. All animal feed products have been evaluated and certified by VinaCert in accordance with VN regulation respectively; Farmers strictly adhere to the regulations on feeding level under pig age as well as regulations on completed compound feed using under pig age.

Auditor Nguyen Van Thanh (on the right)
checking the use of the livestock farm’s veterinary medicine

The farms have also fully implemented hygienic procedures for pigs in accordance with the disease prevention procedures in the livestock manual issued by the company; The vaccines are used under the list allowed to circulate in Vietnam, this list issued by MARD.

The farm’s documents have also shown the close monitoring and supervision of the use of veterinary medicines, quality management of drinking water sources for pigs, the situation of preservation and use of bran ... It is convenient to retrieve origin, access to the last vaccination days for pigs before sale.

Auditor Trinh Xuan Thanh (on the right) performing a quick test to determine the prohibited substances residue

In order to ensure that the prohibited substances have not been used for pig production, auditor Trinh Xuan Thanh took pig’s piss sample, performed rapid tests to determine the residue of Salbutamol, Clenbuterol, Ractopamine in the piss. The results are negative.

Pig production is also implemented in closed pigsties, using water-cooled systems to ensure temperature, humidity and ventilation control in the pigsties, ensure that the climate is suitable for the growth and development of pigs.

The audit team also noted disinfection, insect and pest control, transport means control, etc. which have fully implemented by the farms, as detailed in the records, log book.

Along with periodic health checks, the farmers at the livestock farms are also trained in the production process; disease prevention procedures; emergency procedures ... and maintain the strict disinfection before entering the breeding area.

Speaking at the closing meeting of the surveillance assessment, after expressing thanks to CP Vietnam Corporation - pig breeding stock business branch welcomed seriously the audit team. Cooperate to retrieve timely and completed documentation as required, etc. On behalf of VinaCert, auditor Nguyen Van Thanh provided preliminary conclusions: The company has established and maintained effective implementation of VietGAP good livestock practice process for pigs production.

This is the basis for the audit team suggesting to VinaCert continue maintaining the certificate of VietGAP livestock in accordance with the scope certificated by VinaCert .

Auditor Nguyen Van Thanh also provided some important improvements to ensure the accuracy and convenience of tracking, retrieving the origin, etc. of the company’s pigs.

CP Vietnam Corporation (CPV) has been present in Vietnam since the early 1990s with the role of assisting farmers transitioning from small scale production to industrial livestock farms which being enthusiastically farmers.

In the past few years, CPV's livestock activities have been carried out in three forms: processing, hiring and price guarantee contracts, in which farm owners are the farmers of Vietnam.

In the form of linking livestock, the CPV together with farmers have established more than 3,000 farms, contributing to create jobs for about 400,000 workers nationwide.

Demonstrating the compliance and meet the requirements of law, the model of safe food supply chain "from farm to dining table", in the past few years, the CPV has trusted VinaCert as a choice for conformity certification, VietGAP certification services, etc for its products.


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