VinaCert is proud to be the first certification organization established in Vietnam operating under Law on Enterprises.

Over the past time, we affirmed our brand in the market through the following services:

• Management system certification assessment, certification of product conforming to standards and national technical regulations

• Products/ goods quality testing

• Imported goods quality inspection.

• Commercial Inspection.


Certification of Vinacert is recognized globally through accreditation of JAS-ANZ – a founding member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Vinacert is one of the two only organizations in Vietnam accredited by the international accreditation organization JAS-ANZ (Australia, New Zealand) to have the competency to international standards: ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015; ISO/IEC 17065:2012; ISO/TS 22003:2013 to perform certification activities. (See accreditation certificate here.)

VINACERT is the first cerfication organization of Vietnam accredited by ASI to have the competency to audit ASC, MSC and approved by FoodPLUS GmbH to assess aquaculture GlobalG.A.P.

VINACERT is proud to be the first certification organization operating to Vietnam Enterprise Law.

With this advantages, VINACERT has brought many benefits to its customers in each audit session:

• Reasonable price, all expenses of the audit process are disclosed to customer.

• Quick procedure, unnecessary documents reduced.

• Commitment to give recommendations to improve the system after audit.

• Support and answer all customers’ questions before, during and after the audit process. 


Management system certification ISO 9001, ISO 22000

ISO 14001 | ISO 26000 | ISO 27001 | SA 8000 | OHSAS 18001 HACCP/TCVN 5603 | FaMI-QS | GMP Codex.

Certification of products conforming to technical standards

Certification of products conforming to national technical regulations

VietGAP (aquaculture, livestock, agriculture) certification


VINACERT testing results are accepted globally: VINACERT is the only organization in Vietnam accredited by American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) – member of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) to have the competency to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017 - General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories – in imported/exported goods quality testing services. (See more information of VinaCert testing activities at here)

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation certificate in the field of Testing of VinaCert (A2LA (USA) accreditation):


ILAC-MRA A2LA symbols are on the test result reports:

VINACERT aims to develop its goods quality testing service to assist enterprises exporting aquaculture, agriculture and post-harvest processed products. In addition, testing services also serve government agencies in imported goods testing sector with the motto ACCURACY - CREDIBILITY - TIMELY - PROFESSIONAL.

Capital resources with advanced equipments: MP 4100 (Agilent), HPLC/ UV (Agilent), UPLC/ UV (Thermo), UV- Vis (Agilent), ICP (Thermo), GCMS (Thermo), GCFID (Agilent), LC-MS/MS (Waters), LC-MS/MS (AB sciex)… are organized in professional and systematic infrastructure.

Personnel has firm specialized expertise, professional, responsible and dedicated.

Some testing parameters of VINACERT such as:

• Residues of PCBs, PAHs, POPs chemicals (Persistent Organic Pollutants), Trifluralin, Chlorpyrifos, toxins such as 3-MCPD, histamine, Urea, ... in food, environment and water sample base;

• Growth hormone in meat, animal feed sample bases, such as beta-agonist (Clenbuterol and Salbutamol), testosterone ...;

• Antibiotic residues in seafood in trace and ultra-trace levels as phenicol groups (CAP, TAP, FF; FFA), total malachite green (MG, LMG, ..), quinolones (Fluoro) group, Nitrofuran metabolites (AOZ; AMOZ; AHD, SEM), the tetracycline, sulfonamide, Avermectin groups, carbamate groups ...;

• The type of prohibited toxic coloring used in foods such as Rhodamine B, Sudan I, II, III, IV ...;

• Residues of heavy metals As, Cd, Pb, Hg, ... in food sample base;

• Microbial products such as Enterobacteriacea; Total plate count; Escherichia coli; coliform; Coliform feacal; Salmonella; Staphylococcus coagulase positive; Vibrio paraheamolyticus; ... in various food sample base.


With the motto to ensure objectivity, accuracy and honesty, VINACERT offers inspection services in the following areas:

• Inspection on specifications, quality, status, quantity – weight of goods, packages, marks and codes for all types of goods (including equipment for technological  lines, gemstones, rare metals, petrol and oil, gas, agriculture, forestry and aquaculture products, minerals);

• Non-destructive inspection, welding structure inspection, measurement equipment inspection, tabulation and inspection of capacity of storage tanks, barges, enumeration and lead seal;

• Inspection of vehicles, containers, and maritime inspection services; ship safety inspection before loading, unloading, or repairs;

• Inspection for state management purposes  in areas such as: goods traceability, quality management; goods safety and sanitation; investment projects acceptance and settlement; environmental protection; customs clearance services;

• Monitoring goods during production, delivery, storage, transportation, loading and unloading; consultation and monitoring of technology line equipment assembly;

• Sampling, sample analytical testing services;

• Other services as requested by clients 


VINACERT is the first private-sector organization authorized by the government to inspect imported goods quality.The benefits that VINACERT brings to our customers are:

Quick, accurate: All transactions are carried out on the website:

• Reasonable costs, all costs are disclosed in the inspection process;

• Support customers in the process working with authorities;

• Professional, responsible and dedicated staffs;

• Ensure products and services of our customers meet all legal requirements (VINACERT is authorized by Vietnam government agencies and are accredited by international accreditation organization to be qualified according to international standards);

• Ensure all information are available publicly and transparent for customers and stakeholders;

• Our certification system spreads across the country, providing certification services to customers in everywhere. Customers can save cost and time with scientific assessment processes, quick and convenient procedure.


See accreditation certificate here


See here for more details

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