FSI of VinaCert participated in 50th International Codex Conference on Food Additives
From 26 to 30 March 2018, 50th International Codex Conference on Food Additives (CCFA 50) was held in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. Food Safety Institute (FSI) of VinaCert had Doc. Master Chu Quoc Lap, Deputy Director and Mrs. Phan Thi Hang, Deputy Director of Certification department attending the Conference.
Laboratory 3 of VinaCert welcomed the Costa Rica delegation to visit
On the occasion of the visit and learning the process of dragon fruit farming at farms in the South East, on March 20, 2018, Mrs. Lucía Brenes and Mrs. Claudia Fernández, members of the Garden Association of Santa Ana city, Republic of Costa Rica visited VinaCert Laboratory 3 in Ho Chi Minh City.
JAS-ANZ Accreditation Organization implemented competence witness assessment of VinaCert auditors
As a part of the surveillance assessment program at VinaCert, from 15 to 17 March 2018, the JAS-ANZ audit team implemented competence witness assessment of VinaCert auditors in implementation of effective surveillance assessment of management system, food safety in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 at Long Hai limited company; quality management system effective surveillance asssessment according to ISO 9001: 2015 at Quang Dai Viet Construction Technique Company Limited.
VinaCert Gala dinner in Spring 2018: Together towards industry 4.0
In the spring travel program to Kingdom of Thailand, although the program schedule was very busy because of combination between the visit and settlement of important work of VinaCert, with the enthusiasm and responsibility of 12 group’s members, in the evening of 25 February 2018 in Bangkok, the VinaCert family shined with six performances, in the uproarious atmosphere of the gala dinner night in spring 2018 on the theme of "Together towards industry 4.0. "
VinaCert in spring 2018: The travel to explore the Kingdom of Thailand
After holidays of Lunar new year being beside family and relatives, On 22 February, 2018 (7 January of Lunar New Year), the members of VinaCert family met each other to joint the impressive spring travel, discover the beauty of the Kingdom of Thailand. The five-day, four-night travel gave members an exciting experience in all aspects of life in a country with 95% of population is the Buddhist’ followers.
VinaCert commended excellent collectives and individuals in 2017
Within the framework of the Employee Conversation Conference organized by Chairman of the Board cum Director General of VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company and representatives of Executive Board of Trade Union on 25 February 2018 in Bangkok (Thailand), VinaCert Director General and Executive Board of Union honored and awarded excellent collectives, individuals and union members in 2017.
VinaCert honored to welcome Prof. Dr. Phan Xuan Dzung talking about the Fourth science and technology revolution
To access the science and technology revolution, on 9 February 2018, VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company honored to welcome Mr. Phan Xuan Dzung, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Chairman of The National Assembly Committee for Science, Technology and Environment talking about the meaning and importance of this revolution in the world and Vietnam and its application at enterprises like VinaCert.
VinaCert celebrated 1 year anniversary of swearing brotherhood with Kien Giang Department of Science and Technology
In 03 days from 2nd December to 4th December 2017, VinaCert branch in Can Tho and Department of Science and Technology in Kien Giang province organized a program to celebrate 1 year anniversary of swearing brotherhood, exchanging professional skills and constantly expanding the cooperation in activities.
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