Organizational chart of VinaCert Cetification and Inspection Joint Stock Company:

The above abbreviations are explained as follows: 






Chairman of the Board




A. Council


Advisory Council

G. Director


Director General

Certification Director


Certification Director



Quality Director

Testing Director


Testing Director



Business Department

 Finance Dept


Finance Department






Testing Depts



Food Safety Institute



Analyzing Center

 Auditors Manager


Auditors Manager

 Inspect Dept


Goods Inspection Department

Cert Dept


Certification Department

Chairman of the Board - COB

COB is the legal representation of VinaCert, taking responsibilities for the whole activities of company, and appoint personal to conduct (some) specific aspect(s):

a) Ensure the resource for VinaCert activities;

b) Making the Unity of company;

c) Taking responsibilities on communicate of importance of meeting the requirements of clients and regulations;

d) Appoint Directors following the request of Director General:

e) Making developing strategy and approve the investment project.

Advisory Council

The COB commits to offer favorable conditions for the Advisory Council to functions independently, not to be affected by work pressure and benefits in making decisions. The members of the Council shall be chosen by the COB. The Council shall have the following functions:

a) Update the legal regulations, take responsibility on communicate these regulation to company;

b) Making relationship with state bodies;

c) Making technical relationship and ensure the outsource of company

d) Take part in the certification activities in order to ensure the equality and impartiality

e) Support technical area for department of company.

Director General

Director General manage all the activities of company and shall be appoint by COB. Director General shall take responsibilities for his/her decision before Leader Board.

Certification Director

Certification Director is appointed by COB following the request of Director General and taken responsibility on any decision belong to authorized area.

Functions of Certification Department

a) Manage and operate certification activity of company

b) Maintain the management system of company (ISO/IEC 17021; ISO/IEC 17065; ISO/TS 22003;)

c) Manage the activities of auditors

d) Improve quality of certification service; bring VinaCert to ASEAN vision.

Inspection Director

The Inspection Director is appointed by COB following the request of Director General and taking responsibility for his/her decision in the authorized area.

Functions of Inspection Director

a. Manage and operate inspection service, and the conformity assessment for imported animal feed.

b. Ensure the legal requirements for conformity assessment for imported animal feed

c. Taking position of QMR following ISO 17020;

d. Improve the inspection service of VinaCert.


Testing Director

Testing Director is appointed by COB following request of Director General and take responsibility before Leader Board about his/her decisions.

Functions of Testing Director

a. Manage and operate testing activities of company,

b. Build testing trademark for company in not only domestic but international market;

c. Key incorporation for all areas of company;

d. Plan, conduct and develop testing area following company direction.

Administrative Department

AD has a Chief of Staff taking responsibilities before Director General about his/her decision in appointed area, Chief of Staff is appointed by Director General. AD may have Vice-Chief to support Chief.

Function and responsibilities of AD

a. Key person to get information for Director General in order to manage company. Ensure resource for best performance;

b. Support for Director General in composing and publishing documents, records; typing and saving records of meeting of company;

c. Support Director General about human resource policy. Plan human resource following company direction.

d. Chairs the human resources administration: Ensure human resource for all area of company, Manage recruitment; Build personnel competence; Build KPI following objective of each department; Make training plans and conduct them; Chair and combine with other department to use effectively human resource;

e. Control personnel records and insurance of company, Update list of personnel of company; Conduct physical examination for the whole company;

f. Take responsibility for company legislation before interested body; Control and update competence record of company;

g. Ensure the communication of company is fluent;

h. Network administration for both server and software of company;

i. Ensure the contact is not corrupted, provide contact address for interested body;

j. Collect internal and external information relating to activities of VinaCert. Handle complaint and appeals of clients (expect coming from testing area)

k. Control documentation activities; Receiving, record and send documents following procedures;

l, Control and translate external documents, internal documents;…

m, Conduct communication activities, tools; Design; demo for website; conduct communication in-house;

n, Conduct administrative activities; Manage, use and guide to use company infrastructures (not including testing equipment). Ensure the infrastructure for company activities; Manage company house;

o, Purchasing for stationery;

p. Conduct logistic activities for meeting, conferences,…

p. Manage, direct company vehicle to pick up and drop off following request of company; Conduct audit in the area which is appointed for AD (Area I).

Finance Department

Finance Dept has a Manager taking responsibilities for appointed working area.

Function and responsibilities of Finance Dept:

a. Ensure finance resource for company,

b. Control liability;

c. Control company asset,

d. Manage and purchase salary, bonus for the whole company,

e. Purchasing for external clients, partners,

f. Send certificate, testing result to clients;

g. Banking transaction, taxes;

h. Making finance reports, taxes;

Certification Department

Cert Dept has a Manager taking responsibilities before Certification Directors about authorized working areas. Manager of Cert Dept is appointed by Director General following request of Certification Director. Cert Dept may has some vice-managers.

Function and responsibilities of Cert Dept

a. Maintain the effectiveness of Management System relating to certification;

b. Conduct audit activities following procedures.

c. Control the activities of auditors;

d. Conduct audit following audit program;

e. Review audit records before sending to Certification Director;

f. Review audit record of food certification before sending to Manager of FSI;

g. Review certification record before publishing;

h. Update client information after every audit;

i. Make audit request to send to AD, branches.

j. Make certification report to send to the authorized body;

k. Make training plan for Cert Dept staff (make plan, program…).

Business department

Sales Manager of BD is responsible to the Director General for the assigned and authorized scope of work. Sales Manager is selected and appointed by the Director General.

5.10.1. Functions and duties of BD

a) Searching for customers that use services in the business area of the company in region 1 (from Ha Tinh province to the whole northern region);

b) Negotiating contracts to provide services for the target customers;

c) Instructing customers to complete the certification proposal, testing requirements, and transferring all files and documents to the relevant department to provide services for customers;

d) Receiving feedback from customers;

e) Organizing certificate awarding ceremony for customers (if needed).

Testing Departs

The Lab shall have the following functions:

a. Lab and Analyzing Center of VinaCert are comprised of a Director/Head of the lab who takes the responsibility towards the laws and BOD for his decisions within the assigned and delegated scope of work and several technical managers as well as deputy directors/deputy head who assists the Director.

b. Lab shall have quality managers and system managers. Along with other rights and duties, these two positions shall have the authorities as per assigned by the COB and VinaCert shall supply necessary resources so that they can perform their duties, including the responsibility for establishing, implementing, maintaining and improving the QMS of Lab. In addition, these two managers shall detect the differences in the management system as well as the differences in the procedures to perform tests and necessary actions to eliminate, prevent or reduce them.

c. Top management shall ensure that all personnel of the Lab shall not be affected by any commercial, financial or any other internal or external types of pressure or other effects that can have bad impact on the testing quality. Every year, all personnel of the Lab  shall sign a commitment to show that they understands the agreement on benefit conflicts and completely complies with the requirements in the agreement, and to the best of his knowledge, there has not been any benefit conflicts that have not been reported to the COB.

d. The top management of VinaCert and Lab understand that there are a lot of factors affecting the accuracy and confidence of testing results conducted by the Lab (the Lab does not conduct calibration). Therefore, the Lab shall establish the procedures about retaining and use records of human factors, environmental conditions and facilities, testing methods which are used, method validation and approval, equipment, measurement traceability, sampling, processing testing samples in order to reach stable testing quality as expected.

e. The top management of VinaCert and Lab understand the extent to which factors can affect measurement uncertainty of tests carried out by the Lab. During development and implementation of the tests, testing procedures, staff training, employment and selecting facilities, purchasing materials, services, the Lab shall consider these factors and their impact on the testing results.

f. The Head of the Lab and COB shall ensure the adequate supply of resources for operation, especially human resources. The Lab shall try to use full time staff. However, when needed, the Lab may employ short-term staff. In such cases when the Lab uses short-term staff, additional technical staff or main assistants, the Head of the Lab shall ensure that those staff members are monitored and qualified to perform the assigned tasks; simultaneously ensure that they work in compliance with the requirements of Lab’s QMS.

g. Conducting the implementation of testing in compliance with the requirements of ISO 17025, satisfying clients’ needs and fulfilling legal regulations of the functional bodies and Abs; in addition, the laboratory shall not participate in any activity that may have bad impact on the confidence in the capacity, fairness, objectivity, honesty and impartiality of the laboratory.

h. Lab’s QMS shall be applied to all tests, testing activities shall be carried out at two fixed locations of Lab;

i. Receiving samples, conducting tests and reporting results of the required samples;

j. Receiving, storing, sending samples to testing facilities, receiving testing results from subcontractors;

k. Participating in dealing with client‘s complaints within its authority;

l. Performing other tasks as assigned by the COB.

Analyzing Center

The Centre Director of AC is responsible to the Director General for all Centre’s activities according to the articles of incorporation. Centre Director is selected and appointed by the Director General. Some Deputy Directors in the Centre are responsible for supporting the Centre Director. The AC has a separate organizational structure to perform the following functions and duties:

Functions and duties of the AC:

a) Organizing and performing specialized testing activities according to the guidance of Director General;

b) Organizing and performing testing activities in compliance with ISO 17025 Standard;

c) Conducting scientific research and technology development in analysis and inspection.

Goods Inspection Department

Inspect Dept has a Manager taking responsibilities to Inspection Director about authorized working area. The manager is appointed by Director General following request of Inspection Director. Inspect Dept may have some vice-managers.

Function and responsibilities of Inspect Dept:

a. Conduct conformity assessment for imported animal feed;

b. Receive and conduct inspection activities following request of clients;

c. Guide for the branches which have inspection activities;

d. Make period report for authorized bodies;

e. Monitor liability of inspection.

Food safety Institute- FSI

FSI has a Chairman taking responsibilities to COB about all activities of FSI. The Chairman is appointed by COB. There are some Vice-Chairman. The institute has separated structure in order to conduct following functions:

Functions and responsibilities of FSI:

a. Manage and conduct research activities on food safety;

b. Lead the food safety certification service;

c. Communicate science and technology information; Co-operate with internal and external body on food safety;

d. Conduct pilot production

e. Research and develop other service of company;

f. Provide information about quality standard to the whole company and relating partners.

Auditor Manager

Auditor Manager is appointed by Certification Director, taken responsibility for training auditor, monitoring auditor’s onsite activities.

Period, Audit manager is responsible for examine auditor competence, request to expand audit code and to classify level of auditors.


Auditors include auditors and technical experts. Auditors and technical experts shall be guided for the certification audit profession set by VinaCert - Control prior to conducting the audit and trained when there is any change. The external experts, when working with VinaCert - Control, shall sign a confidential commitment and an agreement.

Hai Phong branch office

Hai Phong Branch office has a Branch Director taking responsibilities to Director General on authorized working area. The director is appointed by COB following request of Director General. Plus, there are some deputy directors.

Functions and responsibilities of Hai Phong branch:

a. Conduct conformity assessment for imported animal feed in Hai Phong area;

b. Receive and conduct inspection for imported and exported goods as per client requirements;

c. Report to Inspection manager about status of conformity assessment for imported animal feed

d. Monitor liability at branch

e. Ensure the hygiene, security and environment…at branch.

Da Nang Branch Office

Da Nang branch has a director taking responsibilities to Director General on authorized working area. He/she is appointed by COB following request of Director General.

Functions and responsibilities of Da Nang branch:

a. Represent for company in Middle Area (from Ha Tinh to Ninh Thuan and Tay Nguyen provinces); be responsible to enforce the request of specialized departments.

b. Conduct conformity assessment for imported animal feed in Da Nang area;

c. Receive and conduct inspection for imported and exported goods as per client requirements;

d. Report to Inspection manager about status of conformity assessment for imported animal feed

e. Monitor liability of branch;

f. Conduct marketing activities and client service in Middle area;

g. Logistic management

h. Conduct audit following request of Cert Dept;

i. Ensure the hygiene, security and environment of branch.

Sai Gon Branch Office

SG branch has a director taking responsibilities to Director General for authorized working area and is appointed by COB following request of Director General. There are some deputy director in SG branch and is appointed by Director General following request of branch director.

Function and responsibilities of SG branch:

a. Represent for company in Middle Southern Area and South East Area including Binh Phuoc and Lam Dong and North of Tien River. The branch is enforced by specialized departments.

b. Look for and take care clients in Area II (from Quang Binh)

c. Negotiate and sign contract with clients;

d. Support client to complete certification application, testing request, and send all those documents to provide service;

e. Receive feedback from clients;

f. Granting certificates for client (if necessary)

g. Conduct conformity assessment for imported animal feed Southern areal

h. Generalize activities status to report to Manager of specialized departments.

i. Ensure the effectiveness of technical infrastructure in branch; Conduct administrative activities in order to make use of infrastructure, asset, equipment and vehicles. (except equipment of testing area)

j. Purchasing stationery and equipment for branch and Lab 3;

k. Logistic management

l. Conduct audit following request of Cert Dept;

m. Ensure the hygiene, security and environment of branch;

n. Manage human resources of branch

o. Monitor the liability of branch.

Can Tho Branch Office

Can Tho branch office has a Branch Director, he/she take responsibility for his/her authorized work. The Branch Director shall be appointed by COB, following request of Director General

Functions and responsibilities of Can Tho Branch Office

a) Manage the administrative actions, Use and guide to use the infrastructure, asset and machine in branch (except Testing machines, tools)

b) Ensure the administrative and technical condition of Branch

c) Purchasing equipment for administration and Lab 2

d) Taking responsibilities for logistics of meeting, conferences, training at branch

e) Ensure the environment of branch.


Depending on developing requirement, COB selects and appoints some assistant for each aspect:

Power, authorities and responsibilities:

 a) Support COB to conduct authorities of Leader Board

 b) Support COB to making policies for each specific aspect, aiming to stable development

 c) Propose the policies and action programs for each aspect to enhance company competence

  d)  Representative of Director General to manage the authorized functions.

Head Office
Add: 130 Nguyen Duc Canh Str, Tuong Mai Ward, Hoang Mai Dist., Ha Noi City
Tel: (+84 ) 243 634 1933
Fax: (+84 )243 634 1137
Hai Phong Branch
Add: 422 Da Nang Str, Dong Hai 1 Ward, Hai An Dist., Hai Phong City
Tel: (+84 ) 225.376.9387
Fax: (+84 ) 225.376.9388
Da Nang Branch
Add: 3rd floor, lot 103, 30/4 Road, Hai Chau Dist., Da Nang City
Tel: (+84 ) 236.362.4393
Fax: (+84 ) 236.362.4394
Ho Chi Minh Branch
Add: 163 Dien Bien Phu, 15 Ward, Binh Thanh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84 ) 283.514.7352
Fax: (+84 ) 283.514.7351
Can Tho Branch
Add: 2-63, 6 Road, 586 Zone, Phu Thu, Cai Rang Dist., Can Tho City
Tel: (+84 ) 292.391.7479
Fax: (+84 ) 292.388.1749
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