VinaCert organized a seminar "Youth with Food Safety Chain" (14/02/2020)

On February 14, 2020, in Hanoi, VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company organized the seminar about the program "Youth and Food Safety Chain".

The program was to launch the activities movement of youth in the field of participation in the "Food Safety Chain", in response to the campaign of "Love of the island's border" of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union; the program "Youth heading towards borders and islands" launched by Hanoi Youth Union.

According to VinaCert Party Secretary Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, the program linking "Youth and Food Safety Chain" was a meaningful activity to help young people in remote areas where the border has a chance to work; sale products to farmers in remote areas at the border, contribute to poverty reduction and social security; provide quality and safe food sources for people in Hoang Mai district.

Accordingly, 5 units participate in the linked program including Hoang Mai Youth Union District (Hanoi City); Bac Quang and Quang Binh districts (Ha Giang province); Youth Union of VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company; Youth Union of Dai Thinh Vuong Agricultural Co-operative - Hanoi Cooperative league will join hands to build "a chain of safe food production - consumption links".

Through the program, a direct and reputable product production and distribution channel will be established from the manufacturer to the consumers, contributing to the promotion and consumption of specific products of Bac Quang and Quang Binh district in particular and Ha Giang province in general.

Attending and speaking at the seminar, VinaCert Chairman of the Board, Nguyen Huu Dzung said, “There are many factors to successfully implement the linked chain between farms in Bac Quang and Quang Binh districts (Ha Giang). ) with the market for agricultural products in Hoang Mai District (Hanoi), through the practical activity, fund for the unit’s youth union  will be also increased ".

For successful implementation, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dung asked the representatives of 5 units to discuss about "assignate" tasks and responsibilities of each unit in the food safety chain. Regarding human resource, VinaCert will dispatch experts to support Bac Quang and Quang Binh districts in building farm and farm economic models, etc., providing special local products to Hanoi; Support testing and certifying products in compliance with VietGap / AseanGap / GlobalGap standards by electronic certification (in accordance with VFSC standard - Vietnamese food safety traceability chain), ...

“With VinaCert's existing resources, working together to create safe food models to help farmers in localities have “fishing-rod ” will be very promising. Through the linked chain, the cooperation of production and consumption of specific local products will be favorable and  higher added value, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung said.

Agreeing with the above mentioned matters, Party Cell Secretary Nguyen Ngoc Thanh said that, with the criteria "Youth with Food Safety Chain", the Youth Union of districts,  the unit’s Secretaries of the Youth Union will be the core force. Leaders of the units with many ways will support the process of implementing production models, preliminary processing, processing and consumption of products, ...

Also at the seminar, after  Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung introducing the model of implementing and applying the chain of traceability of Vietnamese food safety, representatives of the units visited the departments at VinaCert headquarter in Hanoi under the guidance of Certification Director Dang Thi Huong and Head of Laboratory Nguyen Duc Tu; a system of modern analytical equipment for serving the quality management of food safety, pharmaceuticals ... discussing issues related to the program "Youth with Food Safety Chain".

Highly appreciate the practicality of the program, Mr. Luong Tien Dung, Deputy Secretary of the Party of Bac Quang District said that this topic is very suitable to the current trend. However, it is very difficult to deploy large models in mountainous areas. In order to implement effectively, 5 units need to continue surveying local practices, thereby planning the field of activities and the scale of each model; Identifying the clues of the linked chain.

From that point of view, the representative of Doan Binh district said that the district highly appreciated the feasibility and meaning of the linked program, which helped the locality to consume specific products, contributing to eliminating hunger and reducing poverty and promoting the youth movement to establish a career.

Along with the introduction of socio-economic conditions and natural conditions, the youth union’s representative of Quang Binh District also introduced specific plants, animals, advantages and difficulties in developing economic models, Thereby expressing the desire the relevant contents would be discussed by the participants, basing on that, the district’s Youth Union will propose to leaders of the district how to develop the linkage model accordingly.

According to the representative of the Young Start-up model of Bac Quang district, Mr. Tran Tuan Minh (Binh Minh Youth Cooperative), where is farming a number of aquatic products on Lo River, products of the Cooperative ( Cooperative) have been initially shown in Hanoi market, but it is very difficult to approach and expand the market. In order to expand the production model, the cooperative hopes to join the linked program; And receive technical assistance and other support from VinaCert's experts as well as the units in linked chain.

Agreeing with the above mentioned matters, Mr. Hoang Van Huan, representative of the net-house farming model in Vinh Thuong commune, Quang Binh district added, due to the fragmented, small and traditional farming habits of the people, it is very difficult to develop the initial model of net houses, especially the application of technical standards to production.

To show the support for the linked program, Mr. Hoang Trung, representative of Dai Thinh vuong said that, with the perspective of the enterprise's approach, the agricultural product supply chain from Son Tay Town to Hanoi has been taken. , we realize that when starting to work, there are a lot of concerns, from production, preliminary processing, processing, and distribution of products to consumers, which should be planed in detail. The advantage of the cooperative is to be gathered many dedicated members of the agricultural sector. The next issue is to implement the linked program accordingly and can expand the consumption market.

Also according to Mr. Hoang Trung, our agricultural land area is very large, but export products are limited. Agribusinesses must be customer-oriented, so that customers perceive whether a product is good or bad; The inspection and control of customers in the stages from production to consumption of products is very important (through the application of VFSC model). It also determines which products we choose to deliver to consumers at affordable prices.

From a question: "What is integration", Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung for example, while sitting in Washington, D.C. American, but still enjoying Vietnam's bitter melon, which is the culinary culture, and that product is from agriculture. In addition, many foreign politicians visiting and working in Vietnam enjoying Vietnamese traditional food. That proves that cuisine is a cultural feature. The linked chain should be also closely built the stages: production, preliminary processing and processing of products to provide consumers specific local products.

Showing his determination to carry out the program, Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung once again emphasized that: we are sitting in VinaCert's "Nothing is impossible" room, which means that any work will be successful if we determine to implement. Leaders of units will continue meeting to discuss the implementation of the program "Youth and Food Safety Chain". VinaCert Youth Union focuses on implementing and taking this program as a "project" to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of VinaCert "(July 25, 2007 - July 25, 2022).


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