VinaCert participated in commenting on the draft Decree on fertilizer management (31/05/2019)

On May 31, 2019 in Hanoi, Department of Plant Protection coordinated with the Legal Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to organize a conference in order to disseminate the Cultivation Law 2018 (fertilizer chapter) and comment on the draft Decree on fertilizer management in the Northern area. The conference was chaired by Mr. Hoang Trung, Director of Plant Protection Department.

Attending the conference were representatives of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Crop Production and Plant Protection of Northern provinces; Ministry of Justice; General Department of Customs; fertilizer production and trading organizations and individuals; fertilizer quality conformity testing, assay and certification organizations.

VinaCert Certification and Inspection Joint Stock Company had Mr. Ung Xuan Thu, Mr. Trinh Cong Toan (member of Advisory Council); Mrs. Dang Thi Huong, Director of Certification; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen, Head of Quality Assurance Department; Mr. Nguyen Duc Tu, Head of Laboratory 1; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong; Head of Inspection Department; Mrs. Phan Thi Hang, Deputy Director of Certification Department with leaders and staff of some Departments attending the conference.

On the basis of focusing on researching the contents stated in the draft Decree, the Advisory Council and representatives of Departments of VinaCert have synthesized ideas into document, and submitted to the Drafting Committee.

View of the conference

At the conference, the participants listened to the representative of the Plant Protection Department introducing the basic contents related to fertilizer regulations in the Cultivation Law 2018 and the draft Decree on fertilizer management.

The draft Decree on fertilizer management has been prepared by the Department of Plant Protection, in the process of collecting ideas from related parties on the regulations: grant, re-issue, extension and cancellation of Decisions on recognizing circulating fertilizers and fertilizer testing, assay organizations; managing the advertising of fertilizer products; The number of samples analytics of laboratories designated by MARD.

According to the participants, the contents of these regulations are taken from the current provisions in Decree No. 108/2017 / ND-CP and more specifically stipulated on the names of some documents and papers to be submitted to promote strongly administrative procedure reform. This was reflected in the draft proposal to specify specific forms, declarations and decision forms to apply in the implementation process. Text forms have been simplified to make it easier for people and enterprises in the declaration and implementation process.

The draft Decree also gave regulations on dossiers, order and procedures for canceling the Decision on recognition of circulating fertilizers (stipulated in Clause 3, Article 38 of the Cultivation Law). This is a new regulation compared to the current law; proposed specific regulations on records, order, procedures, authority to grant Decisions to recognize fertilizer testing, assay organizations and cases will be revoked this Decision (Clause 2 Article 40 of the Cultivation Law).

Accordingly, the cases will be revoked Decision on recognizing fertilizer testing, assay organization such as: Counterfeiting, shortcomings of data reporting fertilizer testing results; erasing, correcting and distorting the content of the issued Decision ... The organization whose has been revoked the Decision on recognizing the fertilizer testing, assay organization is only allowed to receive the application for re-granting this Decision after 24 month from promulgating date of the recall Decision.

On the basis of summarizing the opinions, discussions and contributions of the participants, the Department of Plant Protection - the chairing agency will continue to study and supplement to complete the draft Decree  on fertilizer management.

After finishing, the new Decree will be replaced Decree 108/2017 / ND-CP dated September 20, 2017 of the Government on fertilizer management.

The draft Decree on fertilizer management is one of the practical activities of the Plant Protection Department in continuing to perform the main tasks and solutions to improve the business environment and the capacity of national competitiveness (Resolution No. 19-2018 / NQ-CP), support and develop the enterprises in 2020 (Resolution No. 35 / NQ-CP), institutionalizing the Party's policy on developing a socialist-oriented market economy; International economic deep integration.

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