Trade inspection


Benefit of using Inspection Service


 What is inspection?

In the international trade, responsibility and obligation of the involved parties are specifically and strictly described and regulated in the commercial contracts. However, the performance of the signed-contract between them will take plenty of time to gothrough many stages such as: production, packing, delivery, transportation to work, storing, manufacturing ... so there are  often hidden risks. Therefore, despite the eliminiation of subjective factors such as commercial fraud,  cargo not in accordance with the contract, ...there are still the dominant factors which make some provisions in the contract are not fulfilled, such as non-delivery on time, not enough in quantity or delivery wrong type -specification, etc. ... On the other hand, transferred cargo from the seller to the buyer must go through many stages of transportation, forwarding, loading and unloading, etc. ... These stage may cause   losses or affect the quality of  cargo. The occured problems will inevitably lead to trade disputes between buyers and sellers or between buyers, sellers and third parties.

When there is a dispute or complaint occurred, buyers and sellers usually based on inspection certificates of an independent inspection organization,not related to the rights of the parties, as an important legal evidence to settle. In many cases, these inspection certificates are legal evidence to complain the third party if the  cargo is lost or damaged. In addition, inspection certificate is the basis for international payments. So, it is right to say that inspection is a critical and indispensable stage in the field of international trade.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are not many companies that specialize in areas of inspection. VinaCert is one of the few such perennial operations. VinaCert have gained certain reputation on this market and customer’s confidence. Certificate of Inspection provided by VinaCert is an objective evidence which helps customers effectively deal and solve their business problems such as complaints, billing, delivery, origin, insurance ... and management activities such as customs clearance, duties, food safety, environmental protection.

Benefits of inspection

 For the government

  • Inspection aims to control over the issues of food safety, product quality...
  • Inspection aims to determine specifications, product quality in accordance with the regulations and standards issued.

For traders

  • Inspection aims to define the volume and the physical amount (or other criteria) of goods
  • Inspection protecst your interests in case of product/goods damaged
  • Inspection results from an independent third party can be used to support the sales efficiently.

Why choose Inspection Service of VinaCert?


 VinaCert provides following inspection service:

  • Inspection of the  quantity, volume, specifications, quality, condition, packing, marking ... for all kinds of  cargo.
  • Inspection of maritime, means of transportation, container, vessel safety before shipment, demolition or repair, test and tabulate the capacity of tanks, barges, counting and listing of lead seal;
  • Inspection of industrial products: Non-destructive inspection, inspection of weldment of works, inspection of equipment, technological lines, monitoring of installation of technological line, construction works, monitoring of the goods in process of production, delivery, storage, transportation, loading / unloading, counting.
  • Inspection of the loss, apportion the loss for national and international insurance companies;
  • Inspection to serve state management regulation in the areas of: the origin of  cargo, quality control, safety and sanitary of  cargo, inspection of for investment completion, environmental protection, customs clearance services. Services on sampling, testing and analysis;
  • Other related services such as technical inspection of work safety; fumigation services;
  • Other services requested by customers.

Over nearly a decade of growth and development, with an strict adherence to the principle of “Objectivity – Impartiality – Cooperation -  Security” and with motto of operation “ Accurate - Reliable - Professional – Timely”, VinaCert is continuously expanding,  enhancing creativity, improving the quality of the service of science and technology to constantly provide its customers with high quality services in order to satisfy the legitimate requirements of customers.

  • VinaCert always make sure that our services meet custormers satisfaction and expectations.
  • VinaCert have short response times.
  • The professional and skilled auditors/inspectors have experience in the field of inspection, diligence, responsibility, faith, independent work and situation handling.
  • VinaCert have great customer care services



Inspection process of VinaCert



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