VinaCert implemented a assessment of animal feed regulation conformity certification at C.P Vietnam Corporation ‘s branch in Hai Duong (20/07/2018)

In many past few years, VinaCert's certification service has been accompanied with C.P Vietnam Corporation (Head Office in Dong Nai province) as well as its branches in Binh Duong, Ha Noi and Hai Duong, etc. To prove to the state management agencies about the compliance with the law in the production of animal feed.

 After 3 years of maintaining the validity of Certificate for products quality assurance, C.P. Vietnam Corporation’ branch in Hai Duong (C.P Hai Duong) continued selecting to use the animal feed regulation conformity certification service of VinaCert.

View of opening session

In order to gain the trust of customers today, VinaCert strived to achieve international accreditation and recognition of the competence of providing certification and testing services; the state agencies have designated to perform many fields such as: agricultural management including animal feed regulation conformity certification; imported animal feed quality control, etc.

Accordingly, on July 18, 2018, VinaCert auditors conducted surveillance and certification assessments of 100 animal feed products of C.P.Vietnam Corporation’s branch in Hai duong, (Address at Tan Truong Industrial Park, Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province) in accordance with QCVN 01 - 183: 2016 / BNNPTNT.

The audit team included Mr. Nguyen Nam Son (Head of the team), auditors: Mrs. Le Thi Thu Huong, Mr. Chu Duc Tuy, technical expert Do Tuan Long, provisional auditors  for auditing site and sampling: Mr. Nguyen Trong Tuan , Mr. Dang Anh Vu; expert of Business Department Phan Thi Men.

Welcoming and working with the audit team had Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Business Director; Mrs. Dao Thi Hong, head of Business Department; Mr. Le Thanh, Head of Quality Control Department  and representatives of relevant Departments: Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung, Mr.Tran Ngoc Duong, Mrs. Pham Thi Hue, Mrs. Hoang Nu Hiep, Mr. Chu Nhu Khanh, Mrs.Vu Thi Hoa and Mrs.Tran Thi Hai.

Speaking at the opening session, After thanking to C.P. Hai Duong trusted and continued to use the services of VinaCert, based on the scope of assessment and certification registration of commercial food hygiene and safety conditions of facilites producing commercial animal feed ( QCVN 01-77: 2011 / BNNPTNT); Certification of animal feed products for pigs, ducks and chickens that manufactured by C.P. Hai Duong in accordance with corresponding standard requirements, auditor Nguyen Nam Son has once again confirmed to the Board of Directors of C.P. Hai Duong in scope of  assessment program; assigned specific tasks to the members of the audit team.

Auditor Nguyen Nam Son (second on the left) directly interviewing leader of C.P. Hai Duong at site

After unifying the program and scope of the assessment, the auditors: Nguyen Nam Son, Le Thi Thu Huong, Chu Duc Tuy and leaders of C.P. Hai Duong  visited together, implemented preliminary assessment of infrastructure conditions, production equipment, technology and production lines; Directly interviewed individuals and staff about involved technical factors and regulations.

Shortly, auditor Nguyen Nam Son conducted the retrieval of documents, interviewed directly the relevant individuals to find evidence of conformity to meet the requirements of animal feed raw materials standard and origin; Quality control of raw materials; Evaluation of dossiers; Announcement of enterprise standards to apply for  animal feed products; Labeling information, etc.

Auditor Chu Duc Tuy (on the left) retrieving document and directly interviewing individuals in charge of technique

According to the assignment of tasks, auditor Chu Duc Tuy conducted the retrieval of the dossier, interviewed the relevant individuals in order to audit the production conditions such as: Location, factory design, workshop, equipment and tools requirements, yard area and internal passage, storage system, requirements for workers; general sanitary requirements; electricity and water supply system; waste treatment system and other regulations ...

Auditor Le Thi Thu Huong collecting information on preservative materials in refrigerated storage area

Auditing compliance with the requirements of the production process, technical documentation of the products; Activities of non-conformity product control, quality control of finished products for servicing quality control of products that has been certified by VinaCert to maintain conformity under the Technical Regulations: QCVN 01 – 10: 2009/BNNPTNT, QCVN 01 – 11: 2009/BNNPTNT, QCVN 01 – 12: 2009/BNNPTNT, QCVN 01 – 183: 2016/BNNPTNT, auditor Le Thi Thu Huong has also retrieved records and interviewed relevant individuals about the technical requirements for animal feed products stating in the  enterprise standard that established by the Company.

As recognized by auditor Le Thi Thu Huong, along with C.P. Hai Duong has a laboratory which is accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 in the field of chemistry, in addition, the company also applies ISO 9001: ISO 14001; ISO 22000; HACCP to manage animal feed production activities.

Along with modern production line equipment, the production process is closely performed from production plan → factory → feedstock → milling → weighing →mixing →pressing/cutting →bagging →QC →Warehouse ... with specialization and high automation; All production stages are operated via specialized computer networks and software.

Site  auditor Dang Anh Vu determining number of lot and sample size

To ensure the quality of animal feed products meeting the requirements of corresponding standard, site auditors have also taken samples of the products to send to VinaCert's testing Laboratory for analyzing.

Auditors sealing samples

After 01 day focusing on solving a large amount of work, the audit team conducted the closing session at 17 o'clock the same day. On behalf of VinaCert, auditor Nguyen Nam Son announced the result: "The food hygiene and safety conditions of Hai Duong's commercial animal feed production factory are ensured in accordance with the requirements of QCVN 01 -77: 2011/BNNPTNT ".

Although there was not non-conformity point, auditors gave some important improvements to help C.P. Hai Duong further improve the quality, efficiency of production and business activities.

C.P.Vietnam developed and continue developing 3F production model: Feed, Farm and Food.

C.P Vietnam presently has 9 factories producing animal feed and aquatic animal feed in Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Tien Giang, Can Tho, Ben Tre, Dac Lac, Ha Noi and Hai Duong,  supply finished feed products for pigs, beef, dairy cows, broilers, laying hens, ducks, quail, shrimps and fish under each stage of growth of pets to farmers nationwide.

With branded and prestige livestock feed products in the market, along with the quality and efficiency of the 3F production chain, at the end of June, 2018, fillet chicken breast products of P.P. Vietnam -Branch of the Hanoi Meat Processing Factory was honored by General council of Agriculture and Rural Development Vietnam as "Vietnam Gold Farming Brand".Top of FormBottom of Form

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