VinaCert conducted surveillance audit under VietGAP standard at Phuc Ha Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company (24/04/2017)

On 7th April 2017, VinaCert’s audit team conducted surveillance audit at Phuc Ha Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company to determine the conformity of products and production conditions under VietGAP requirements for vegetables and fruits. The audit also assessed the organization’s competence to meet the regulations and other requirements, evaluated the effectiveness of the procedures and considered the opportunities of continuous improvement for the strawberry farm under the scope of VietGAP certificate which was issued by VinaCert in April 2016.

Phuc Ha Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company (Address: No. 28, Alley 43, Kim Dong Street, Giap Bat Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi) was established in 2003. The company’s businesses are civil construction, construction on rivers, road construction, etc.

After the success in construction business, the company has expanded its business to the agricultural sector since 2014. One of its typical projects is the safe strawberries farm project in the Guesthouse Area, Moc Chau Farm Town, Moc Chau District, Son La Province.

Green house and shade net system was invested for the strawberry farm

The strawberry farm of Phuc Ha Company has an area of 4.000m2. Its aim is to grow and supply safe strawberries to the supermarkets and safe agricultural product shops in Hanoi.

To implement the production plan along the value chain with a strong connection from production to distribution and consumption, a green house and shade net system was built for the whole strawberry farming area, and the good production practice under VietGAP standard was applied.

According to Mrs. Bui Thi Hue, Director of Phuc Ha Company, in order to prepare for the investment in agriculture, Phuc Ha Company took initiative in studying strawberry cultivation process which was transferred by Japanese experts. Then, the company continued to receive valuable advices from technical staff under the Agro - Forestry – Fisheries Quality Assurance Department of Son La. As a result, the strawberry cultivation under VietGAP standard was very favourable. The shade net house is designed with steel truss, a drip and micro-spray irrigation system for air conditioning. Thus, the strawberry plants grow well with the farm cultivation condition.

In 2016, Phuc Ha Company chose VinaCert’s VietGAP audit, certification services in order to prove to partners and customers that its strawberry quality meets the requirements of VietGAP standard, the legal requirement as well as the demand of supermarkets and safe agricultural product shops in Hanoi.

Auditor Nguyen Van Chung collecting evidences of conformity in strawberries cultivation process

Based on the results of auditor’s assessment and product testing, VinaCert concluded that strawberries cultivation process in Phuc Ha Company fully meets the requirement of VietGAP standard and the company was granted a VietGAP certificate on 27th April 2016.

After one year of validity, as scheduled on 7th April, VinaCert established an audit team leaded by Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, who has many years of experience in VietGAP certification, and team member - Mr. Hoang Hai Hieu, provisional auditor. The audit team arrived at Phuc Ha's strawberries farm in Moc Chau (Son La province) to conduct surveillance audit and find evidence to prove that Phuc Ha Company has ensured the validity of strawberries cultivation process in compliance with the requirements of VietGAP standard under the certification scope which was issued by VinaCert.

On behalf of Phuc Ha Company, Mrs. Bui Thi Hue - Director of Phuc Ha Construction and Trading Joint Stock Company and manager of the strawberry project, Mr. Bui Dinh Minh - Farm Manager, and some technical staffs working at the farm welcomed and worked with the audit team.

After the opening meeting, annoucing and agreeing on the surveillance audit agenda, the audit team conducted sensory assessment on the whole strawberries farming area. Also, the audit team directly interviewed the staffs, who were working at the farm, about the process of using plant protection drugs, labor protection devices, isolation time, etc. under VietGAP standard.

Drip and micro-spray irrigation system of the strawberry farm

After finishing the sensory assessment, the audit team retrieved documents and records related to the production process such as the process and guidance on VietGAP application, quality control and quality assurance plant to ensure that the facility is maintaining the procedures under the scope of VietGAP certificate which was issued by VinaCert.

At the closing meeting, on behalf of VinaCert, Mr. Nguyen Van Chung provided the evidences of conformity in implementing VietGAP process in Phuc Ha Company’s strawberry farm. Mr. Chung concluded that the farm of Phuc Ha Company has maintained good production practice (VietGAP) for strawberry from 2016 to now.

However, the auditors also provided some evidences of nonconformity so that Phuc Ha Company can discuss and justify. It is requested that the strawberry farm as well as Phuc Ha Company shall take corrective actions to maintain the application of VietGAP, which brings value to the company and ensuring the trading partner’s benefits and consumer’s right.

In the interview with VinaCert communications staffs, Mr. Bui Dinh Minh, Farm Manager, said: "To ensure the quality of strawberries, we had the substrates, irrigation water and strawberries tested. The test results meet the requirements of criteria under VietGAP standard.

The auditors’ recommendations on some nonconformities of the farm to help maintaining and complying with VietGAP standard is an important factor for us to produce safe strawberry products, ensure the quality and gain the trust of our trading partners and customers.


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