VinaCert organized many meaningful activities to celebrate 87 years of Vietnam Women's Day (21/10/2017) (02/11/2017)

Celebrating 87 years of Vietnam Women's Day (20 October 1930-20 October 2017), from 14th to 20th October, 2007, the Board of Directors of VinaCert Certification and Inspection joint stock Company (VinaCert) agreed that Union branch to organize many events in order to honor the beauty of VinaCert women, create a playground to associate members of the company.

In Hanoi

From 14h00 on 14 October 2017 at the Northern Culture House (No. 84, lane 151 Nguyen Duc Canh, Hoang Mai district), the celebrating program on October 20 of VinaCert in Hanoi started with 02 main activities: Miss VinaCert and VinaCert BBQ party cooking contests.

The opening ceremony of the celebrating program on October 20

Attending and sharing at the meeting, VinaCert had Mr. Nguyen Huu Dzung, Chairman and Director General, Board of Directors, Party Branch, Trade Union, Advisory Council and all staffs of departments at VinaCert in Hanoi. Members of VinaCert branch in Hai Phong and some companies located in 130 Nguyen Duc Canh building also attended the program.

The program was honored to welcome Ms. Nguyen Thi Khanh Tram, Director of the Accreditation Office of conformity assessment capacity (AOSC); Mr. Phan Thi Sam, mother of the Chairman.

Chairman of the Board Nguyen Huu Dzung giving flowers to representative of woman of the company

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Chairman Nguyen Huu Dzung congratulated to the women in the Company; gave flowers to VinaCert Union chairman Nguyen Thi Thu Hai - representative of woman of the VinaCert’s family.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hai expressed the gratitude to the attention of the Board of Directors has created conditions for the woman to show their competence in the work, and shine in the events of the company in particular and the country in general. At the Miss VinaCert today, the woman had the opportunity to affirm: Women in VinaCert not only good at professional skill, but also good at art, confidently shine at Miss VinaCert. .

Mr. U
ng Xuan Thu giving flowers  to congratulate  the women

Representative of VinaCert’s Party Committee, Party Branch, Comrade Ung Xuan Thu also had fresh flowers and greetings, the best wishes to the women in the company. "54.9% of the workforce of the company shows and promotes the cultural identity, good standard into the tradition of VinaCert women: Knowledge; Progressive and Dedication as VinaCert women; VinaCert women are always Honest; Loyal; Delicate. VinaCert women are worthy of creativity, expertise, resourcefulness of housework, contribution of strength, wisdom, building the sustainable development company .etc, " Comrade Ung Xuan Thu said.

The anniversary program on October 20 started Miss VinaCert contest with the participation of 06 contestants as follows:

1.    Đinh Thi Nhung – Laboratory No.1;

2.    Le Thi Linh Nham – Administration Dept;

3.    Tran Thi Quynh Trang – Laboratory No.1;

4.    Tran Thi Kim – Business Dept;

5.    Tran Thi Nhat Minh – Certification Dept;

6.    Nguyen Hoai Thu – Administration Dept.

Jury of the Miss VinaCert contest

Optional outfit, talents and behavior contest with the "balance weight" of the jury led by Mr.Ung Xuan Thu, along with 2 members Mrs. Phan Thi Sam and Mrs Nguyen Ngoc Anh.

Shortly after greeting and showing catwalk with the optional outfit, contestants had to pass the contestants' talents. At the talent contest, contestant Dinh Thi Nhung (Laboratory 1) could not to continue competing because of health reasons.


Contestant Le Thi Linh Nham showing thanks to love  song


Contestant Tran Quynh Trang with piano flute solos

Candidate Tran Thi Kim with tales talent

Candidate Tran Thi Nhat Minh with the Dream Dancing performance

Candidate Nguyen Hoai Thu with the Jumba dancing group:.

Passing the impression and the emotions from the talent contest, Miss VinaCert contest was continued with the behavior contest on the basis of selection top 03 final of the jury. This was the most expected part of audiences due to the intelligent questions and smart answers of contestants.

According to the results of the draw, the test of contestant Nhat Minh questioned by Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Anh. Candidate Linh Nham questioned by Mr. Ung Xuan Thu and contestants Hoai Thu questioned by Mrs. Phan Thi Sam. Each contestant had 02 minutes to think and answer.

Mr. Ung  Xuan Thu, Head of the jury awarding Miss VinaCert to Tran Thi Nhat Minh

The intelligent and impressive answers of the contestants related to the topic of VinaCert Culture: How are VinaCert people delicacy?; explain the sentence "Knowledge as VinaCert women"; what must you do to contribute to goal that VinaCert becomes a prestigious organization in the country and international,..?. contestant Tran Thi Nhat Minh has excelled to overcome and gain the throne Miss VinaCert; The winner of the 1st prize was contestant Le Thi Linh Nham and the second winner  was contestant Nguyen Hoai Thu.

The program also had one additional award for humorous answers. The awards were sponsored by the Chairman of the Board and Mr. Bui Hau Dien (Advisor of Lab No.1) asked three contestants: What is the most precious asset of human? Please comment on that value. According to answers of the contestants, Mr.Bui Huu Dien has decided to award sub-medals to contestant Hoai Thu and contestant Nhat Minh.

Shortly after ending the Miss VinaCert Contest, the Anniversary Celebration on October 20 would be continued with barbecued BBQ dishes prepared by male members (divided into 03 groups) for female members and guests attending the program.

In Da Nang

In order to share the difficulties and bring joy to the elderly women in Vietnam, on October 14, 2017, VinaCert ‘s branch in Da Nang led by Mrs. Ngo Thi Kim Son  visiting and giving gifts to 20 elderly women living in Thuong Vinh village, Que Xuan 2 commune, Que Son district, Quang Nam province.


Charity activities have been carried out by VinaCert Branch in Da Nang for many years ago and received enthusiastic response from its members. The small gifts have been a source of inspiration for every difficult life on occasion of holiday, Tet or special anniversary events such as this October 20.

In Hai Phong, Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City.

Celebrating on 20 October, VinaCert branches in Hai Phong, Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City also had a lot of practical activities to create a playground between members: Organizing games, football, gifts and activities to honor women, women who donate their intellect and enthusiasm for the sustainable development of VinaCert.

Once again, wishing the woman are always fresh flowers, more and more beauty of the women in the field of providing scientific and technological services, bringing the traditional value of Vietnam women, continue to try, promote their strength and enthusiasm to fulfill assigned tasks; It is a home, solid support for every family in particular and society in general.


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